At Britannia Estate Planners and Will Writers we fully understand the importance of having a legally valid and professionally written Will in today’s constantly changing climate. A will permits you to do many things that would not be possible if you were to die intestate i.e. without a will. This includes specifying the person(s) who will administer your estate, giving direction to your executors as to what is to happen to specific assets, achieving desired inheritance tax and estate planning objectives, protecting your assets from being used to pay for Long Term Care fees and indicating who should be the custodians of your young children.

Britannia will ensure that these serious concerns are addressed professionally to enable you to have lasting peace of mind in the knowledge that your current wishes and requests will be fully honoured in the future, especially at a time when your family will need emotional and financial certainty.

Britannia's Consultants are fully trained in all aspects of Estate Planning and Will writing and also offer a home visit service no matter where you are in the U.K. You can arrange for our local consultant to visit you at a mutually convenient time day or night, week-day or weekend, whichever suits your own busy lifestyle. Help and advice will be offered at every step along the way to ensure you receive a legally competent and effective Will.

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